Arjun Kapoor recalls how he was rejected for his looks by Aditya Chopra: ‘Yeh toh actor nahi ban sakta, isko hum supporting…’

Although Arjun Kapoor is the son of famous film producer Boney Kapoor, he takes pride in having made it his own in the industry. He often tells the story of how he was not divorced by his father, but by Aditya Chopra in the movie YRF, after he passed a strict audition for him. In a recent conversation, Argon He remembers that although he could have taken the easy route, he chose to add some barriers his own way and made sure Aditya Chopra gave him a chance. The producer, whom he rejected earlier, was later impressed by Arjun’s presence on screen before deciding to release it.

In a conversation with Bollywood Hungama, Arjun said that Aditya rejected him when he first saw his pictures and said that the aspiring actor would be best suited for supporting roles. Aditya Chopra saw my pictures first and said yesActor A Toh Nahi Ban Sakta, Esco They Support… (He can’t be an actor, maybe we can choose him as an assistant…) He can’t be a main hero. “He wasn’t very impressed with my photos,” he said.

Arjun then added that despite growing up in the industry, he never met Aditya or the late Yash Chopra in person. “I’ve met a lot of people because I grew up in this industry, and I won’t lie, I’ve never met my master Addy,” he said.

Arjun mentioned that at this point, YRF director Shanu Sharma took him under her wing and helped him polish his craft. He got better and better as a performer, and that’s when Aditya Chopra watched his audition tape. The audition he saw was not edited, but the uncut version in which Arjun was himself and joking. This appealed to the product.

“He said “acha isme kuch color hai”. He can do other things too, he’s not one-dimensional, Arjun recalls, and that’s how I got my first movie. Arjun finally appeared with Habib Faisal’s Ishaqzaade, starring Parineeti Chopra.

ishaqzaade Arjun Kapoor parineeti Chopra Ishaqzaade marked the Bollywood debut of Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra in 2012.

Arjun proudly shared that despite his family legacy, he believes he scored his first movie single-handedly and that was a big moment for him. “I met him and I felt fine, this is something I did on my own. Ek Heritage Hai Meri Ki family (My family has a legacy) But on my own, I’ll make the first I think Phu mera jo sapna tha (That was my dream) to start on my own from there, with the help of the fact that I was born here, without denying it, but then trying to work in the most honest and sincere way.”

Arjun recently celebrated a decade in the film industry. His upcoming films include The Ladykiller and Kuttey.

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