Arhtiyas unhappy with new moong procurement policy

Days after announcing the new moong procurement policy in which it was stated that the Punjab government would purchase the crop from June 1, the Arhtiyas (the commission agents) are opposing the move.

They said they were kicked out of the purchase, which is in violation of Punjab Laws of Agricultural Marketing and their basic right.

They added that they would hold a meeting in this regard on May 29 in Jagraun Mandi and urged the government to review the policy.

As per the guidelines, Arhtiyas charges a 2.5% commission from the buyer while selling crops from farmers, who sell their crop through festive areas to government agencies and private players. With the new policy, the state government can save a 2.5% commission if they buy directly from farmers.

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Punjab government appointed Markfed and Co-operative societies as contract agencies to purchase the crop from farmers and also issued purchase licenses and required them to renew licenses wherever there was a need for renewal.

In the run-up to the assembly elections, then-ADP candidate Bhagwant Mann, Ravinder Singh Cheema, said that in the run-up to the assembly election, Bhagwant Mann, Arthias was praised for its important role in purchasing crops. “However, now that he is CM, he is kicking ceremonies out of the process. Not only is the government denying us work, but it is also violating Punjab laws of agricultural marketing,” Cheema said.

In the new summer moong procurement policy, the state government also required farmers to purchase on the basis of land mapping.
County level officials have been instructed that moong is a cash crop and should be purchased under the shed as there should not be any glut in the mandes to keep the crop in the right place so that it can be saved from environmental damage.

In Punjab there are co-operatives all over the state and there are also sheds which are available in almost all the local delegates in the state. Moong’s purchase will continue through July 31.

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