Anupamaa recap: Rakhi Dave and Barkha team up against Anupamaa

In the latest episode of Anupama, surprises and drama are seen as Kinjal’s baby shower leads to rivalry. Rakhi Dave is taking advantage of the opportunity and getting along with Kapadia. Read this article to find out how Anupama keeps her family together amidst stress. (Also read | Anupama Written Update July 1)

Rakhi poisoned Barkha

Rakhi finds the right moment and place to team up with Barkha against Anupama. She finds Barkha at a vulnerable time as she worries about her future in the Kapadia kingdom, the man responsible for this is Anupama. So Rakhi, without wasting any time, turns to provoking Barkha with the intention of creating rifts in the family. She tells Barkha about the dramatic instances and quarrels in the Shah family. Barkha is shocked to know all these stories about Anupama and her family.

Rakhi tries to create tension in Barkha’s mind that as long as Anupama Kapadia is the owner of the empire, there is no chance of making a fortune in the family business. While Anupama is taking care of Kinjal at the party, Kinjal’s mother is making sure that the troubles in Anupama’s life never end. To her shock, hurting Anupama is not as easy as she thought. Even when he hears Anupama’s conversation, he doesn’t get angry. Instead, she humbly answers them with her kind words. Rakhi retreated but did not give up.

Anupama defends Rakhi

Exciting baby shower games will soon attract attention in action and everyone will forget their anger and start playing games. Kinjal expresses her gratitude and love for Anupama, which makes Rakhi jealous. Anupama defends Rakhi and talks about how she has sacrificed so much to give Kinjal a prosperous and fulfilling life.

Although Rakhi is touched by Anupama’s words, she doesn’t want to accept that Anupama is really a good soul. She continues to feel despised and this time Barkha makes good use of the opportunity. Both decide to unite against Anupama to get what they both want.

In the upcoming episode, we will see Adhik take a big step to cross his boundary and get closer to Pakhi. Vanraj Shah arrives just in time and stops Adhik from doing what he is planning to do. Nothing can stop Vanraj’s fury this time and that means only one thing, the separation of the two families for good. Keep watching this space to find out what happens next at Anupama.

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