Anupamaa recap: Anupamaa, Anuj get into a serious dispute with Vanraj

Anupama written update July 6: Vanraj warns that Anupama will be cut off from the family during the controversy.

In Anupama’s latest episode, the tension between Shah and Kapadia goes into overdrive as Vanraj announces his ultimatum to Anupama. Barkha also convinces Ankush to talk to Adhik, but Adhik is not going to listen to anyone this time. Read this article to find out all the updates of your favorite show. Also read: Anupama Written Update July 5: Anupama is worried about Pakhi’s relationship with Adhik

Anuj talks to Adhik

After the drama at the party, the Kapadias finally return home and Barkha is furious with Adhik for starting a friendship with Vanraj’s daughter. Anuj also talks to him and tries to gauge the genuineness of his feelings. He explains the importance of his career and how he should respect his feelings instead of acting recklessly. Is Adhik really serious about Pakhi or is it just part of the plan? Keep reading HT Highlights to find out. Meanwhile, Leela and Vanraj are fuming with anger at Anupama and her family for their constant disrespect. They decide to separate the two families but Anupama won’t let her do it that easily. She interrupts Vanraj and a more serious feud begins between the two. Continue reading to find out what happens next.

Adhik asks Pakhi to take her own decisions

Vanraj warns her to stop keeping the two families together or else she will alienate Anupama from her family. Anupama is not only offended by Vanraj’s statement but also angry. She tells him a good thing about whose family she is trying to hold back. Kavya also stands by him and asks Leela and Vanraj not to make a bigger deal than it should be.

Anuj asks Adhik not to contact Pakhi for a while, Adhik does the opposite. He makes a video call to Pakhi and tells her not to let her family take decisions for her. It will be exciting to see how Adhik’s advice affects Pakhi and her actions in the future. Even more exciting is the fight between Vanraj and Anupama.

As Vanraj continues to argue with Anupama about “his” children and their future, Anuj also arrives to take Anupama back. Vanraj warns him and asks him to stay away from his children. He gives Anupama an ultimatum not to let Adhik and his family come near Pakhi. Anupama leaves to meet Pakhi and comforts her as she continues to cry about the past events.

In the upcoming episodes of Anupama, watch Anupama confront Adhik about her feelings for Pakhi. Vanraj is firm in his decision not to let his children interact with Anupama’s family. To know more read the following article of HT Highlights.

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