Anupamaa recap: Anupamaa and Anuj leave for their honeymoon in Mumbai

Anupama and Anuj are ready to go on their honeymoon, but Anupama’s heart is still stuck with her children and her father-in-law Hasmukh. How does Anupama deal with this conflict between his past and present life? Will she leave with Anuj or leave Anuj with her family? (Also Read | Update by Anupama May 26: Vanaraj has decided to cut Anupama from the Shah family)

Anupama and Anuj’s Mumbai tour

Anuj told Anupama about her honeymoon trip that her cousins ​​had given her as a wedding gift. Anupama imagines going to Mumbai where she first met. Coincidentally, the cousins ​​also booked tickets. Anuj and Anupama begin preparing for their trip. The newlywed couple are ready to leave for the airport but Anuja notices Anupama’s conflict. He tells her to cancel the trip and meet Hasmukh and the children.

Anupama is struggling with her desire to enjoy life with Anuj but look after her family. She remembers Kanta advising her before their marriage. She suddenly begins to apologize. Even after Anuj had consoled her that it was okay to postpone their honeymoon, she continued to cry. This is the first obstacle she has to face as Anuj’s wife and Hasmukh’s daughter.

Anupama continues to worry about Hasmukh’s health, not even the shah’s family matters. Leela is waiting for Hasmukh and Vanaraj to go to the hospital for checkups. Hasmukh is directly hospitalized and children are worried. Fortunately, we see them both returning safely and with good news. God is in favor of Anupama today. While she was struggling with her two roles, Hasmukh sent a message to Samar that he was completely well and he could have surgery after his return to Ahmedabad. Finally, Anuj and Anupama go on their honeymoon.

Kavya Vanaraj adds tension to life

At the Shah residence, Vanaraj has continued to play the role of father and mother in the family. After an emotional and touching speech, Kinzel promises not to work in the kitchen during her pregnancy. This happiness of the Shah family will not last long. As they continued to enjoy themselves, Kavya went overboard with her ex-husband, telling her not to wait for Lila. Samar then becomes worried to see Vanaraj weeping.

Kinjal looks at Samar and tries to explain to Vanaraj that he is not good but good. Samar declares that he cannot forgive him so easily. In the next episode, we see the romance rising between them as Anuj and Anupama celebrate their love in Mumbai. Vanaraj’s problems also increase after his divorce from Kavya.

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