Anupam Kher left amused as girl refuses to confirm he is a ‘good uncle’

Anupam Kher frequently shares videos of his rendezvous with people around the world. On Sunday, the actor shared a video of his home visit, where he brought chocolates to the children. When he asked a young girl about him and his “good uncle,” the girl said she didn’t know him. Also Read: Mahima Chaudhary ‘smiles through tears’ with Anupam Kher for a special photo shoot. View

Anupam shared the video on their Instagram Stories. It shows Anupam talking to the girl. He asks her name, to which she answers, “Myra.” He even asks her brother’s name while they are all sitting in their rooms. The girl can be seen enjoying the chocolate brought by Anupam. When the actor asks her who gave her the chocolate, she points to him. But when he asks her “Achcha Uncle”, the girl replies “Mujhe nahi pata (I don’t know)”. Anupam joked, “Lay, bear na bite (she’s not impressed)”.

Anupam Kher shared a video of the girl on her Instagram stories.
Anupam Kher shared a video of the girl on her Instagram Stories.

Anupam is currently filming his next film, The Signature. The actor said it was his 525th film and asked his fans to choose the title of the film from a few options, such as Dastakhat and The Last Signature. The Signature, directed by Gajendra Ahir, is best known for the Marathi films Not Only Mrs. Raut and The Silence. The film is backed by producer KC Boccadia.

The film also stars Mahima Chaudhary, who is now returning to acting after recovering from cancer. The news of her battle with cancer and recovery broke only when Anupam shared a video with her on Instagram. Mahima shared in the video that Anupam had called her to film while he was being treated at the hospital. She said she was getting calls to do web shows and movies but couldn’t say yes because she didn’t have hair. She then got upset and asked if she could do a picture of him with a wig as she had hair loss from chemotherapy.

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