Anuj Wahi: The brain behind KHC Healthcare’s 16+ years of sustainable journey

KHC Healthcare India Private Limited, under the brand name, KanHealthcare is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified young, focused, dynamic organization and is known in the Indian healthcare market for bringing game-changing, sophisticated and path-breaking technologies and services. Research space in India with enormous cross-selling opportunities through world-renowned strategic alliances, selecting top-notch foreign principals on a special and long-term basis, providing support to their clients in world-class pre-sales and after-sales services and clinical diagnostics, pharmaceuticals and life sciences .

KHC Healthcare focuses solely on innovative technologies and is growing in India through its innovative concept of scientific marketing and value-based marketing. Our people, customers and special and long-term foreign principals are our most valuable and valuable assets.

Our implementation, which includes our people, strategy and operations, ensures that we will always be relevant to our customers by ensuring that all Kanian (our team) understand our customers’ needs, understand and implement their purchasing behaviors and identify changes in those behaviors. And we calibrate ourselves in the same way.

We ensure that our talented, motivated, iron-disciplined and experienced team of forward-looking technical and commercial professionals receive product and commercial training not only in India but around the world. In fact, it has been going on for the past 16 years and will continue forever like this high-quality technology we work with, we cannot have old work methods, and we will continue to reinvent ourselves by learning, not learning and learning. Re-learning, and always looking out of the box to make our customers happy and making sure they are profitable, in turn, makes their customers happy too.

KHC Healthcare is also committed to the relevant CSR initiative under the Prime Ministers National Relief Fund.

Placed in the front

With a team of talented Kenyans, KHC measures its competitive advantage in 7 areas: execution, strategy, people, science and technology, leadership, customer-centricity and operations. The company believes in taking on the challenges first hand. This is what we have accomplished in 16 years, and will continue:

– KHC ranks # 1 in India for realistically securing complete market share in India in the diagnosis and monitoring of multiple myeloma and related diseases through the binding site, UK product range.

– It is the # 1 market share of esoteric ELISA immunoassays in endocrinology, neurotransmitters, catecholamines, and other mysterious specialized ELISA assays through the IBL International, Germany product range.

– Through the Associates of Cape Cod, USA, it has reached # 1 on the bacterial endotoxin test in India.

– It retained # 2-3 in India in the biological indicators and chemical indicators in the industrial segment. It plans to take on a leadership role in the next 2 years through the US product range Crosstex by 2024.

– KHC is # 1 in the separate technology of virus purification business in India. Once again, it has absorbed entire market share through its Alpha Wasserman, USA Separation Technology product line, focusing on vaccine manufacturers and cell and gene therapy companies.

– It ranks # 1 in automated and semi-automated inoculators, D-capers and harvesters used by vaccine manufacturers nationwide through the RAM-Heart product range.

In my opinion, an entrepreneur is a person who knows and understands that there is a problem to be solved in any industry and that there is a gap to be filled. He / she should be eager to work hard and persistently to solve that problem and fill that gap in the most innovative and efficient way and turn it into a scalable and sustainable business model. If entrepreneurs are able to find solutions to problems and fill gaps, still, the path, the business idea and the path they adopt must ensure that such solutions are constantly evolving and progressive for the sake of viability. And the sustainability of the business they choose to enter. Whatever entrepreneurs do, they must create, deliver and capture value. Entrepreneurs are visionaries and they have a value system that builds their team and organization and they need to make sure that the customer’s attention is the nucleus of all their activities.

Innovation means you are always curious to learn, find, and implement great ways to unlock value for your organization, your customers, your team and all stakeholders with game-changing business models. Related innovation can transform the way both people and companies grow.

Discipline and passion are the keys to succeed in any attempt to set one’s mind. Learn how to build high levels of resilience and adapt to changes in the market by eliminating old ways of doing business. We will perish if we don’t find something new to change with time. Always look ahead and learn from the mistakes of yourself and others.

Anuj Wahi completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from the University of Delhi and has worked in the USA for 5 years. He received his MBA from Gannon University in Pennsylvania. While studying for his MBA, he joined GE and B. Brown Medical Inc. Aesculap Inc. worked briefly in sales, marketing and strategy, and then as a product manager in the American market for neurosurgery and spinal surgery implants and products before returning. India and KanHealthcare and KHC Healthcare India Pvt. He continues to attend executive education programs from IIM (Indian Institute of Management).

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