Anti-incumbency to low turnout of supporters: BJP analyses Rajinder Nagar bypoll loss

Failure to hold positions against councilors was one of the factors that led to the BJP’s defeat at the Rajinder Nagar bypoll, along with supporters not coming out in droves, senior leaders said during a meeting in Narayana, following Sunday’s results, to reflect on matters. Loss.

Durjesh Pathak of the AAP won the qualifier, defeating Rajesh Bhatia of the BJP by 11,468 votes. Pathak received 40,319 votes against 28,851 votes in Bhatia, while Congress President Prem Lata came third with a 2014 vote difference.

The BJP has two assembly constituencies, Sheil Behari Goswami of Narayana and Sunita Kaushik of Enderbury, along with Paramjit Singh Rana of Shiromani Akali Dal of Rajinder Nagar who vied in alliance with the party. “We saw during the campaign that there was an anti-occupation against our council members as well as ex-SLA Raghav Chada. However, it cost us more as there were other factors that did not work out in our favour,” said one of the senior leaders present at the meeting.

Ajay Mahvar, BJP, MLA, who was also in charge of the constituency, said the election came mainly from two slogans. Our slogan “Elector Sthaniya chunega sthaniya vidhayak (Local elector will choose local MLA)” worked at first. But later AAP slogan “Kejriwal ki sarkar, Kejriwal ka vidhayak (Kejriwal government, Kejriwal’s MLA)” worked for them.

Another aspect that appears to have worked for the AAP is the BJP’s unity problem. The BJP leader, said the BJP had many ticket seekers from the region and many of them did not participate in the poll campaign. “This is a problem with every party but not like we have in Delhi. Here people do it openly, there is no fear,” the commander said.

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