‘Answer to one communalism is not another communalism, it’s secularism,’ Kerala CM on Udaipur murder

Udaipur condemnation The murder in which the tailor was cut to death By two men in Rajasthan on Tuesday, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said on Wednesday that what happened was an “atrocity that shook the conscience of humanity”.

In a Facebook post, Vijayan said the incident was a reminder that “sectarianism will wipe out the last shred of virtue from humanity.” The killing, he said, is a somber warning that the country’s biggest challenge is the growth of sectarian extremism. He said it shows how Islamic fundamentalism can incite Hindutva to extremism and vice versa.

Two men hacked a tailor, Kanhai Lal, to death inside his shop and posted a video online of the incident claiming it was retaliation for the victim’s sharing of BJP’s Nupur Sharma’s remarks about the Prophet.

In his letter, Vijayan asked the people to ensure that sectarianism would not be allowed in the name of any religion. “People of all religions must unite, cognizant of the fact that the answer to one sect is not another, but secularism. All religious organizations that believe in secularism must denounce the killing and raise their voice against sectarianism. Let us pledge that the country will not succumb to the forces of community, and that everyone will stand united to maintain peace and unity.”

Vijayan had earlier tweeted, “I strongly condemn the brutal murder in #Udaipur. Demanding the authorities to crack down on those responsible. Such heinous acts will only upset our harmonious life. Appealing to everyone to maintain peace and calm and let the law take its course.”

Meanwhile, opposition leader V. I ask everyone to keep the peace. These attacks aim to undermine societal harmony. The Rajasthan government will surely take strict measures.

However, BJS Chief K. Surendran said Kerala was facing a similar situation to Rajasthan, where a tailor was killed. “The brutal killing is a warning to the CPI(M) government in Kerala that encourages religious extremism. Pinarayi (Vijayan) promotes extremism with a focus on voting banks. Last week, a group of SDPI men brutally tortured a young CPI(M) worker for hours in Kozhikode. But, CPI(M) did not react to the incident to protect these voting bank policies,” Surendran said.

The assailants in the Udaipur murder identified themselves in another video as Muhammad Riaz and Ghahaus Muhammad, bragging about beheading and issuing death threats to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Sharma. Riaz and Muhammad, both residents of Udaipur, were arrested from Bhim in Rajsamand district of Rajasthan.

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