Anjali Arora Reveals Her BF’s Reaction to Her Bond With Munawar in Lock Upp: ‘He Didn’t Question Me’

Munwar Farooqi and Anjali Arora in Look Up.

Munwar Farooqi and Anjali Arora in Look Up.

Anjali Arora and Monawar Faruki’s friendship in Lock Upp attracted many eyeballs. While Munawwar was declared the winner, Anjali was in the top five.

Anjali Arora and Monawar Faruki shared a close relationship on reality show Lock Upp. But after winning the program, Munawwar revealed that he had a girlfriend named Nadila. Now, in a new interaction, Anjali has revealed details about her boyfriend Akash’s reaction to her relationship with Munawwar on the show.

Anjali revealed that his friend Akash got a little possessive at first, but in the end he was very understanding and handled everything with maturity.

“It is normal for human nature to feel jealous. When you love someone or love someone, and if that person begins to associate with someone else, you feel possessive. As inside also in Lock Upp Munawar, you have been such good friends that we would have problems if One of us started to give importance or time to someone else. Akash and Nzela are people who belong in our lives. It’s clear for them to feel possessive. But I would say he (Akash) is very understanding and that’s a trait I respect a lot in him. He handled everything in a mature manner and dealt with every something very well,” she told ETimes.

In another interview, Anjali Arora talked about meeting Manuwar Faruki’s girlfriend Nazila at the Lock Upp hit party. She revealed that it wasn’t awkward because she already knew that Nazila was Manwar’s friend. Anjali also made it clear that there is no love triangle and that her relationship with Munawar was from a good friend.

“I met her when I walked in with Munwar. He introduced her to me. It wasn’t awkward. I knew she was his girlfriend and she was going to the party. So I just met her. She’s so cute. There’s no love triangle. They are both very happy together. God bless them.” Anjali told RJ Siddharth Kannan The bond that Munawar and I share is a pure friendship.

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