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Kolkata: An emerging television actor on May 12 in Kolkata, an aspiring model on May 25 and another aspiring model on May 27 and the death of a friend of a second woman have caused the deaths of a Bengali film industry veteran. Victims are depressed for a variety of reasons, including professional uncertainties and relationship difficulties.

All three women were in their early 20s. Her body was found in a state of hanging.

The common factor that binds them is that they were born into middle-class families in the suburbs and moved to the city to pursue a career without any formal training. According to her friends and family members, the last two women had previously attempted suicide.

In April, the actor left her parents and moved to a rented apartment in Garfa area of ​​south Kolkata with her boyfriend Sagnik Chakraborty, who was already married and working in a call center. On the basis of a complaint by the actor’s family, the police arrested the emperor and charged him with murder and financial fraud. The city court did not grant him bail on Thursday, although his attorneys appealed that the post-mortem examination report indicated the death was a suicide.

The second victim, an aspiring model who lived with her two friends in a rented apartment in Nagarbazar, left a suicide note without blaming anyone but said she was suffering from a life-threatening illness, according to a police officer investigating the death. However, model friend Diya Das has claimed in front of police and media that the 21-year-old model is obsessed with the gymnasium trainer in the Jhargram district she met on Facebook.

The man told the media that although the model wanted to be in a romantic relationship, he could only be friends. “She tried to take her own life twice. I tried to help her fight the depression caused by professional uncertainties. I am ready to cooperate with the police,” the man said.

According to police, the model’s daily diary entries mention that her recently purchased phone is making it difficult to pay rent and monthly installments.

The third victim, a friend of the second victim, married a businessman in November last year and lived with him. Her house was engaged. The woman tried to jump off the balcony two months ago but her husband rescued her. She had come home two days ago to spend time with her parents.

Her mother told the media: “She has been very depressed since her friend passed away.

While the police officers involved in the three cases have made the actress some fame and are financially stable, the two models are struggling to take their careers and break into films. Neither of the two was attached to any prestigious agency.

Experts blamed HT for failing aspirations and blamed mobile phones and social media apps for being a source of trouble.

Subrata Sen, the Bengali film director who released many new faces, including Konkan Sen Sharma in his first film in 2001, said many young men and women are depressed because their high ambitions collide with the hard ground reality in the industry.

Sen said: “I have only heard of the actress. The two models are virtually unknown. In recent years, I have noticed that young people with no formal training go to Calcutta because they think it is very easy to relax.

“Despite parental disapproval, many young women come to Kolkata and feel that it is very easy to get a lead role in films. For many, the pursuit of easy money ends in depression. I advise young people to choose acting as a secondary option only after completing studies and building a career, ”Sen added.

Veteran actor Sudeep Mukherjee said he first met the actor on a show four days before he died.

“I know nothing about the personal lives of these three women but I have noticed that in recent years a hundred ‘Like’ points in a ‘Bold’ photo or video on Instagram or Facebook have ensured a quick career. Mobile phone apps offer negative exposure. These young people with no fixed income and separated from reality are living in a complex mental state, ”Mukherjee said.

Mukherjee said, “Many young people are lured into the gray industry underneath the real business.

Mumbai-based clinical psychologist Anindita Roy Chaudhary thinks that peer pressure is a big factor for people of age who are victims and that a lack of rapport with family members complicates their lives.

“Mobile phones play a big role today. Young people think that apps can become nightmares. Many do not hesitate to cross the line of decency. In the process, his personal life becomes public. This has resulted in a decline in values ​​in our society. It is also true that many young women in suburban families face the pressure of earning at an early age. This pushes them into a race for easy money, ”said Roy Chaudhary.

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