‘Am I a failure?’: Varun Dhawan says he doubted himself, introspected about success during pandemic

Actor Varun Dhawan says the meaning of life and success has changed for him after the Covid-19 pandemic. The actor, who tied the knot with his childhood sweetheart Natasha Dellal during the pandemic, has dubbed himself a “complete family man” who has a new perspective on life now. He believes that dealing with the pressures of “the pursuit of success” can affect one’s acting and now wants to start from scratch and make a cinema full of content.

The actor, who made his Bollywood debut with Alia Bhatt and Siddharth Malhotra in the student film Karan Johar in 2012, has completed 10 years in the industry. However, he feels the need to reinvent and start from scratch.

When asked if he was satisfied with his career chart, he said, “I don’t feel good, but I feel happy because I got a chance to do so much. But now, after the pandemic, I feel like it’s all starting over…starting from scratch, So I feel like a newcomer now. I feel like I have to start over and get things back, but I don’t want to do it the same way I was doing at the time. In my first eight years as an actor, I was really nervous. Of course, I was having fun Also because I was that age, but I always had a bit of stress. Now I want to enjoy it and focus on the good content.”

When asked about the nature of the stress he was dealing with, Varon said it stemmed from success. “Society puts some kind of pressure on all of us and determines what is success, and whether you are successful or not. You feel that if you don’t succeed, you are not good, you are not a good person. And one begins to believe that too, ‘Am I a failure?’ And then you fall behind Beyond success to the point that your relationships suffer, you forget how to enjoy life, and it can also affect your acting. This was my introspection during the pandemic. I realized how important it is to be happy in life. If we are feeling down, we can’t do our daily work either. If If you are happy, you will do well, and if you do well, you will be happy. If you work only for money, you will not enjoy work.”

Varun tied the knot with Natasha in February 2021. Talking about marriage and how he has turned into a family man now, he said, “After marriage, there is a kind of patience and understanding of different points of view. I learned that marriage is like a partnership, and family is everything. My family is of paramount importance. For me, I no longer take that for granted.”

He calls married life amazing. “It’s the way you look at it – I enjoy it, and we are happy together. It’s my responsibility to be a good husband and to be a good wife. We have a good time because we get more time to spend with each other.”

There have been reports that Varun’s father, filmmaker David Dhawan, Wasn’t feeling well He was recently hospitalized due to complications related to diabetes. “Every moment I spend with my dad is priceless. When I was younger and if I wasn’t feeling well, he’d get me a new GI Joe because I love the game. Once I was so sick, and he brought me three of them. But now, when I advance in the Age and when my dad gets sick it’s a different kind of anxiety, now I understand what one goes through when a loved one is unwell. I’m in my thirties, I finally understand this, probably because the relationship changes over time and we’ve all been through it,” he said .

Varun exits Coolie No 1, Kalank and Street Dancer 3D, It all failed As expected at the box office. The box office business has also been in flux after the pandemic, with a few Indian films successfully capturing audiences. Is this putting pressure on the actor with Jugjugg Jeeyo? “Good movies will work; we just have to keep that in mind at this point. Everyone is nervous about movies that don’t do well. But there will be more stress if people don’t go to movie theaters at all, whether it’s a Southern movie or a Southern movie. Hollywood, but that’s not the case. People will go to see movies, and the box office is generally healthy. People watch movies, watch Hindi movies, watch Top Gun Maverick, Jurassic World Dominion. So it’s a good sign. Now it’s up to us at How to entertain them and attract them to our cinema.”

On the changing preferences of movie-goers, he said, “It has changed and evolved…everyone changes. Any cinema that showcases Indian culture and is rooted in Indian sentiments, people will connect with, because there is a common feeling that it is ‘ours’.” We can draw inspiration from the West but emotions have to Be ours. We can’t serve feelings in a subtle and subtle way, people won’t understand them.”

On a watershed note, Varun said JugJugg Jeeyo is “the most massive drama ever”, and he hopes people will come see the movie. “This is a huge movie. There’s Anil Kapoor and me. Even if you make us do a classy thing, it’s going to look huge. It only has the Dharma logo on it, but the movie is so huge,” Varun says.

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