Aly Goni hints at wedding plans with Jasmin Bhasin: ‘Baat pakki ho gayi’

Ali Goni has teased fans that he will marry Jasmine Bhasin soon. Ali and Jasmine have been together for some time since they appeared together in Bigg Boss Season 14 a year ago. (ALSO READ: Ali Goni shares a look at Jasmine’s new home, hinting that she’ll be married soon)

In a video he uploaded on Instagram Stories on Friday, Ali said, “Finally Bath Pakki Ho Gai Hai (the deal is closed), Jasmine and I told our parents and we are very happy. Now we only need to print out the invitation cards. . “

Jasmine has reposted Ali’s post on her Instagram Story. He posted another video and said, “You watched a video of Ali Goni. So you know Ali and I are ready for this stage. We’re so excited and you guys should be. Now wait until we announce the dates.”

Jasmine shared pictures from the Maldives late on Friday and a message for Ali early Saturday. In it, “Ali Goni, when I am with you, every day feels like an occasion.”

Ali first joined Bigg Boss 14 to support his friend Jasmine but they soon became close and officially established their relationship on the show. After the show, Jasmine flew with Ali to her native place in Jammu for Ramadan and spent time with her family. Ali and Jasmine often fall in love with each other on social networking sites.

In episode two of Ladies vs Gentlemen, Jasmine is not jealous and feels ‘lucky’ when others find her man desirable. Asked how she would react if other women flirted with Ali, she said, “I’m right.” My man knows his limitations. He doesn’t cross them so I’m not jealous.

After Bigg Boss, Ali and Jasmine have been featured in music videos together. Fans have been speculating about his marriage for some days now. When Jasmine’s chuda (bangles) appear on her hand, fans wonder if she’s already married.

In January of this year, Ali tried an Instagram filter that predicts her wedding date. The filter gave ‘never’ on the first try and got on the second try ‘just a few days’. Ali shared the video on Instagram Stories and wrote ‘Soon’. He added the band Baja Barat song in the background.

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