‘Always Been a Ranbir Kapoor Fan’

Actor Mihir Ahuja has been a part of web series like Bard of Blood, Mission Over Mars, Taj Mahal and Feels Like Ishq. Mihir has also proven his strength in films like Super 30 and Dolly Kitty Aur Chamakte Sitare. He is now starring in the web series Feels Like Home, a coming-of-age drama that sees Mihir as Akhil Gandhi, a nerd but for cricket. He used to be the best player in his hometown. Born and raised in Ghana, he comes from a very conservative family in his tight-knit community of Indians back home.

In an interview with News18.com, Mihir talked about his role in the show and the memories from it. He also talks about his favorite scene from the entire web series – Nizamuddin Dargah’s shooting in Delhi. The actor shared that he was always “Ranbir Kapoor and the Ali Fan franchise”, referring to the Rockstar movie.

Speaking about the show, Mihir said, “Feels Like Home is a show of four boys who come from different places and live in one house. They have completely different personalities, and it’s not just about parties and drama, it’s about sadness and responsibilities, and what you go through when you’re in your age group. 20 to 24 years old You have college, and you’re worried about your career You have to be serious about your life Everyone expects too much from you So, meet expectations and follow your passion Feels Like Home is a show about four boys, their frail condition, and setbacks Their hearts, their responsibilities, and coming home together.”

The actor said that a lot of people go out of their hometown to study in college, but they don’t feel at home in a different city. He said the show captures that sentiment. “I came to Mumbai, I’m from Jamshedpur. So, people stay in PG and hostel but don’t feel like staying at home. You still miss your parents, you still miss home. A lot of people feel homesick, but once you find the father figure and brother figure And the mother character, who always stays with you through thick and thin, you feel like a man at home. And the show is about exactly that, it’s about 4 guys who stay together and fight and love each other and hug each other, of course, it’s a great comedy-drama.”

Talking about working with Preet Kammani, Anshuman Malhotra, Dolly Singh and Vishnu Kaushal, the actor said, “They are all amazing characters, great actors and wonderful human beings. When we were shooting Feels Like Home, it really felt like home. There are so many shoots doing out, and you don’t get the kick in. But on the Feels Like Home sets, everyone had an adrenaline rush, and we had a lot of fun on set, making fun of each other, toasting each other, and after all, we’re all brothers and I really enjoyed. Everyone on the show was an older brother to me, because I was the youngest in the group. It happens that if you act like something, you become one. And within 10 to 15 days of filming, we actually become our characters. Also, off screen we’ll act like our characters.”

When Mihir was asked about his favorite sequence from the show, he said that they filmed a scene in Nizamuddin for two to three nights, and filming there was “really difficult”. We shot at the same spot where Rockstar’s Kun Faya Kun was shot. It was such a blessing shooting there. I have always been a fan of Ranbir Kapoor and Imtiaz Ali. So, when you watch a Rockstar movie, and you shoot in the same place, it gives you goosebumps. So, we hooked up with the feeling and said that if Rockstar does well, our show will also do well.”

Feels Like Home, which also features Preet Kammani, Vishnu Kaushal and Anshuman Malhotra, begins airing on Lionsgate Play from June 10.

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