AltNews founder Zubair’s tweet does not constitute any cognizable offence: Delhi Police to HC

Delhi Police told the Delhi High Court that the tweet by AltNews founder Muhammad Zubair “does not constitute any recognizable offence”.

In August 2020, the police registered a case against Al-Zubair in connection with the complaint tweet made by the head of the National Anti-Corruption Commission, Priyank Kanwongo. The complaint had referred to a tweet published by Al-Zubayr, in which a picture of a minor girl, whose face was blurred, appeared during an online argument with her relative, the concerned Twitter user.

The court was hearing a petition requesting the abolition of the FIR and the cessation of any coercive action by the Delhi Police against him. On May 17, the court said the interim protection would continue and included the petition for a hearing on August 8.

Earlier, on September 9, 2020, the court prevented the police from taking any coercive action against him.

Indicating that the case would be further investigated on a priority basis, the police informed the court that one of Zubair’s Twitter followers posted “offensive remarks” on his tweet while addressing the girl’s minor relative.
Al-Zubayr told the court that he has more than 4 followers on Twitter and does not know most of them, including the user who made the allegedly abusive tweet. Al-Zubayr also informed the police that he had lost the mobile phone used to post the tweet in question and that he had lodged a complaint in this regard with the police in Karnataka.

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