All You Need To Know About Its History And Significance

World Firefighters Day 2022: Needless to say, firefighters are the guardians of society, many of whom have made countless sacrifices just for the sake of public safety and saving lives from tragic accidents. Therefore, to honor their work, sacrifice, courage and dedication every year, May 4th is celebrated as World Firefighters Day. The special day is celebrated to honor the firefighting experts who lost their lives in the line of duty.

Importance and history

On May 4, people wear a symbolic armband made of red and blue ribbons to express their gratitude to all the martyred firefighters. For those who don’t know, red and blue are the main elements in a firefighter’s work because red stands for fire and blue stands for water.

Unfortunately, International Day of Firefighters arose after a tragic accident that occurred in the town of Linton, Australia, on December 2, 1998. In the horrific accident, five firefighters lost their lives while trying to put out a massive fire.

Among the five firefighters are Gary Friedfeldt, Chris Evans, Stewart Davidson, Jason Thomas and Matthew Armstrong, who were part of a strike team and had to hurry to attend the SOS call, but unfortunately all five died fighting the fire.

After the tragedy, on January 4, 1998, a proposal was sent to all nations to honor the brave firefighters and pay respect to those who gave their lives.

Another key aspect of World Firefighters Day is to prevent such tragedies and to express the need to improve extensive and comprehensive training in the near future. It is celebrated not only by wearing the red and blue ribbons but also by donating money to the charity that supports the medical treatment and welfare of retired and former firefighters.

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