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Many experts recommend practicing yoga daily. Yoga helps heal the body and mind and relieves body stress. Yoga comes with many health benefits as stated by medical and fitness experts. It helps to strengthen the muscles and stretch the body. As work is the norm from home culture in our normal lives, we find it difficult to move around. We spend most of our day on the couch or chair, with our laptops in front of us. This further leads to muscle stiffness and back pain. With yoga, however, this can be cured. Anshuka Parwani, a fitness trainer to several Bollywood celebrities including Alia Bhatt and Kareena Kapoor, is known for regularly sharing health-related tips and tricks with a dash of yoga asanas on her Instagram profile. Be it about the benefits of yoga asanas or the diet to follow to get a healthy body, Anshuka’s Instagram profile is full of such useful information.

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Anshuka, on Wednesday, started the midweek on a healthy note with a performance video of her performing the Warrior II pose. In the video, Anshuka can be seen standing with her legs apart and then staying in that position with her arms extended on both sides. Along with the video, Anshuka further talks about the benefits of performing the Warrior II pose regularly. “Did you know? Practicing Warrior II pose opens the chest and lungs, stretches the hips, stretches the groins and shoulders, energizes tired limbs, and stimulates the abdominal organs,” is the text featured in the video. Watch her video here:

Warrior II pose, also known as Virabhadrasana, helps strengthen the back muscles, thighs and knees. Being a balancing asana, it helps relieve neck and back stiffness. Toning the waist, arms and abdomen are also health benefits of doing Virabhadrasana regularly.

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