Akhilesh in eye of Azamgarh, Rampur storm as SP leaders, ally flag no-show

Among the main reasons cited by the leaders of the local Socialist Party as well as the party’s main ally Suhadev Bharatiya Samaj (SBSP) for these humiliating losses was Akhilesh’s peculiar decision to stay away from campaigning in these constituencies along with his attempt not to make any aggressive efforts. To retain the crucial seats. While the Azamgarh seat was vacated by Akhilesh himself, Rampur was vacated by grand party leader Azam Khan days after they were elected in the UP assembly elections in March.

The Socialist Party leadership has requested a report from the Azamgarh district chief, Hawaldar Yadav, asking him to provide an assessment of the survey results. However, she did not request any such report from her counterpart in Rampur, Virendra Goyal, who, when contacted, said that there was no need to prepare a report as they “all know the reasons for losing the seat”.

Referring to BSP Chairwoman Mayawati, a prominent BSP leader said that although she did not go to Azamgarh to campaign for her candidate there (the BSP did not field any candidate in Rampur), she gave a speech at a press conference two days before the June 23 polling. Appealing to voters, especially Dalits and Muslims, to support her party’s candidate.

The BJP has fought the presidential election with full force and strength as they will contest any general election. More than twenty ministers were tasked with holding meetings in districts belonging to their castes and communities even as Prime Minister Yogi Adityanath led himself from the front, campaigning and addressing public meetings in each of the constituencies.

However, the head of the Socialist Party did not go out for the election campaign even as the party leaders from Azamgarh and Rampur continued to send their requests to him, urging him to address at least one public meeting in each constituency. Especially in Azamgarh, his constituency, where the party sent its cousin Dharmendra Yadav, local leaders have been waiting for Akhilesh’s campaign schedule where everyone can feel the challenge facing Dharmendra’s prospects by BSP candidate Shah Alam, a local leader popularly known as Guddu Jamali, dividing the votes Muslims in favor of BJP candidate Dinesh Lal Yadav, Bhojpuri folk actor and singer known as Nirahwa. But, regardless of actual campaigning, Akhilesh has not even issued an appeal to voters like Mayawati, the fickle party leader.

The leader added in his public meetings during his campaign, Dharmendra continued to tell the people that in fact it was Akhilesh’s election, but failed to convince them of the latter’s involvement in the rally.

Talking to Indian ExpressSBSP Chairman, Om Prakash Rajbhar said, “Akhilesh ji does not come out of the air conditioner. He does not take the lesson from the results of the 2022 conference. Just as he announced the candidates in the Assembly polls on the nominations last date, he did the same in Rampur and Azamgarh. He was supposed to come out. for public meetings but he did not.”

Noting that the BSP divided the Muslim votes in Azamgarh, Rajbhar accused the UP administration and the BSP both of aiding the BJP in the secondary votes.

Azamgarh bypolls: BJP candidate Dinesh Lal Yadav “Nirawa” (left) and Dharmendra Yadav of the SP party. (a file)

He also said that the Socialist Party must realize that Yadav and Muslims are not “Pandhawa Maidur (enslaved workers)”. “The SP must have submitted a candidate from another caste. After Akhilesh ji resigned from the Lok Sabha membership, he was supposed to consult with the Azamgarh leaders and announce the candidate. He himself should have gone to speak at public meetings. ”

Despite allying with various smaller parties with the non-Yadav OBC base, the Socialist Party lost the assembly elections to the incumbent BJP.

Azamgarh Sadar MLA of the SP and its senior leader, Durga Prasad Yadav, said the BSP conspired to aid the BJP. However, he declined to make any comments when asked if Akhilesh’s absence from the campaign field was a factor in determining the poll’s results.

However, another Socialist Party leader in Azamgarh said, “We lost the seat by a very narrow margin. If Akhilesh Ji had addressed one or two meetings here, his presence would boost the confidence of Muslims and Yadavs and surely the SP would have gotten more votes. Senior Leaders Movement important even in small elections.”
On Akhilesh’s absence from the campaign in Azamgarh, Hawaldar said: “The voters voted in the name of Akhilesh Yadav, Mulayam Singh Yadav and the Samajwadi Party.” Regarding Rampur, Virendra said that there were various factors behind the party’s loss in the constituency, a well-known Azam stronghold, and that “the party leadership has been informed of this”.

In Azamgarh, Nirahua defeated Dharmendra by a margin of 8,679 votes. Guddu Jamali played the spoiler sport of SP gaining 2.66 lakh of votes, deciding the fate of Dharmendra.

In Rampur, the Socialist Party gave the ticket to Azam’s assistant Raja Asim at his request, but Asim lost the seat to the BJP Ganshyam Singh Lodi by a margin of 42,192 votes.

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