Airbnb guests locked themselves in room after this intruder came in search of food

Airbnb guests in California were shocked after an intruder entered the home they were staying in. The intruder was looking for food and charged the police officers who came to his rescue. It was a “very aggressive bear” that had guests lock themselves in rooms last week.

The bear I stormed through an open window and while searching for food, I proceeded to destroy the house. The animal attacked the officers as they tried to get her out of the house. The bear Three cubs were located on a tree in the house of the house.

The California Highway Patrol, a police force in the area, posted on Facebook photos of the havoc caused by a bear and a small bear climbing a tree.

Netizens appreciated the police officers for ensuring the safety of bears and people. One user commented, “Poor bears, thank you for their help! You’re right! It was their home first. Be bear aware. I think all Air B and B owners out here should have a responsibility to make all their guests aware of bear safety information. Thanks. Truckee CHP thank you for your continuous service to all who live in our neighbourhoods, whether it is 2 legs, 4 legs, wings or fins.” Another user wrote, “This is a vacation they will never forget!”

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The law enforcement agency also told People that the place was the animal’s home first. “Good reminder to all who live here and all who come to play here, you are in Bear Country and it was their home first!!!” I wrote on Facebook. The accident occurred on June 15 in the North Star District.

Recently, a clip appears A bear inspects the hotel lobby In Colorado on Social Media. The receptionist who took the video, was horrified as the bear walked between the sofas, climbed a few steps and passed through his cabin.

Airbnb is an online marketplace for lodging – primarily homestays for rent.

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