Ahead of key BJP meet on TRS turf, hoardings mocking each other dot Hyderabad cityscape

Hyderabad is painted pink and saffron with party flags and a billboard of the ruling Telangana Rashtra Samiti and Bharatiya Janata Party, which is holding its national executive meeting at the weekend. Each party has put up scraps in support of its leaders and regulations criticizing the leaders of the other.

Images of people wearing costumes and masks from the Money Heist web series appeared on the streets near railway stations and banks across the city on Saturday. The posters in their hands read: “We’re just robbing banks. You’re robbing the whole nation. #ByeByeModi.” Similar large billboards that have been placed across the city are now spreading on social media.

The Telangana Youth Conference’s official Twitter handler also shared a similar hoarding with the faces of Prime Minister K Chandrashkar Rao and his son and Minister KT Rama Rao. “The poster is a reflection of the looting of both governments. #TrsBjpDhosthi,” read the tweet.

Taking snapshots at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, movement leader M Kreshank tweeted a picture of a chunky ad titled “Ashi Din Biscuits” – a reference to the BJP’s 2014 election campaign slogan promising good days. “Moody G’s favorite biscuit” was written on the hoarding.

It all started a few days ago when the BJP placed a treasure outside its state headquarters and displayed a countdown to the Prime Minister’s resignation, with the slogan “Salu Dora, Slavu Dora (Enough, sir, goodbye, sir). This was seen as an attempt to revitalize the cadre. In the lead up to the supreme party meeting to be held in the city 18 years later.

Soon, huge Modi billboards with the hashtag “By Bye Moody” were seen all over the state. They are said to have been posed by TRS supporters, questioning the PM on unemployment, demonization, pandemic, agricultural crisis, economy, Agnipath etc. with the slogan “Salu Modi, Sampaku Modi” (Enough, Modi. Don’t kill people, Modi..)

The billboards also featured the tagline, “Beware Modi and KCR. Bye. Bye. Put up by congressional supporters, these banners appear to be telling voters that both the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister were deceiving the public and needed to be removed from power. Attacks Modi’s piling on the 15 lakh rupees promised to every citizen of the country, citing inflation as well as Agnipath scheme, while KCR is under attack for unemployment and not doing enough for the youth and farmers of the state.

The BJP also strongly criticized the ruling TRS for allegedly misusing government resources to reserve regular ad placements across the city, including metro rail poles, in advance to promote welfare schemes, leaving no space for the Saffron Party to advertise itself in the future from its national executive meeting.

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