Again sent to jail, 5-time CM Chautala was once most Googled person

Former Haryana Chief Minister Om Prakash Chautala on Friday was brought to Tihar Jail here after he was sentenced to four years in prison in a disproportionate assets case, officials said. Chautala was medically examined upon arrival at the prison complex. He will be placed in a cell in Prison No. 2 with two other prisoners. A senior prison official said he arrived at the prison around 7 p.m. Also earlier, he was placed in Prison No. 2 after being convicted in another case, they said. Varinder Bhatia traces the rise and fall of India’s national Lok Dal leader.

One of the largest political families in Haryana

The Chotala clan is one of the most politically active families in Haryana. Om Prakash Chautala’s father, Devi Lal, was a former Deputy Chief Minister and one of the longest-serving farm leaders in Haryana. The younger brother of Om Prakash Ranjit Singh is the current Minister of Power in Haryana. Ranjit won from Rania as an independent candidate. The other brothers of Om Prakash Jagdish and Pratap Chautala are no more. Prakash’s mother has two sons, Abhay Chautala, MLA from Ellenabad, and Ajay Chautala who is a national organizer of the Janayak Janta Party (JJP). Ajay’s son Dushyant Chautala is the Deputy Chief Minister of Haryana and was one of the youngest members of Parliament at the age of 26 years. While Ajayi Chautala’s sons Dushyant and Digvijay have already competed in the elections, Abhay’s sons Karan and Arjun Chautala have also started to engage in political activity, although they have not yet contested any elections.

Featured once on Google as “Most Searched Politician in Haryana”

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In October 2014 (one day before Haryana goes to the polls), Google released a statement: “Indian National Lokdal Party (INLD) leader Om Prakash Chautala has emerged as the most searched leader in Haryana.” Gopal Kanda, the then independent MLA from Sirsa and a close aide to Chotala’s sons Abhay and Ajayi, emerged as the second most searched political leader, leaving behind then Congress leader Haryana CM Bhupendra Singh Hooda. Kuldeep Bishnoi, MLA for Adampur finished fourth. In the 2014 polls, Chautala won 19 seats, Congress-led Hooda slipped to 15, while Manohar Lal Khattar led the BJP making history and forming the government by securing an outright majority of 47 out of the 90 Vidhan Sabha seats.

She got appreciation from Bollywood celebrities and politicians

For clearing him of Class 10 and 12 exams at the age of 87 and also while serving his sentence in Tihar prison, Chautala was recently congratulated by Bollywood celebrities. Omar Abdullah, a prominent politician from J&K, also congratulated Chotala on the achievement. Omar Abdullah wrote in a tweet on Twitter: “A person is never too old to learn.” Abhishek Bachchan and Nimrat Kaur, who recently acted in the movie ‘Dasvi’ – which is about a politician who appears for class 10 exams in prison, also congratulated him on Twitter.

As soon as he appeared for the exam, he refused to speak to the media and said, “I am a student.” Chautala passed class 12 exams under the Haryana Open Board. However, his result and certificate was delayed as authorities found out that he had not yet cleared his Class 10 exam. Finally he clarified that too and recently got his mark papers from Haryana School Board of Education.

In grade 10, Chautala scored 53.4 percent of the scores with Urdu, science, social studies, and Indian culture and heritage as the subjects.

Five times CM from Haryana

Chautala has served as state chief minister five times for varying terms, ranging from five days to a full five-year term. It has been seven times MLA.
When he was caught on the run for hours at Delhi airport, his father Devi Lal disavowed him. But when Devi Lal went to Delhi as Deputy Prime Minister in the Janata Dal government, it was Chautala who inherited the Chief Minister on December 2, 1989. He was required to win the elections which he ran three times. The first by-election was called off after reports of a cab takeover, and the second election was also called off due to the death of independent candidate Amir Singh. He got lucky for the third time from the Derba Clan in his area.

It was in 1996 when the KN Saikia Justice Commission accused him of being an accomplice in the murder of Amir Singh. His party was forced to bring in another prime minister, Banarsi das Gupta. However, Gupta barely managed to stay in the chair for two and a half months with Chautala’s return to power on 2 July 1990. But he was forced to resign within five days due to heavy pressure from within the party. Hukam Singh took over the position, but also had to make way for Chautala eight months later. This time Chautala again remained in the position of CM from 2 March until 6 April 1991 but a rebellion against him overthrew him and put the country under the rule of the President. Then, it was in 1999 when Chautala overthrew the Pansi Lal government and the BJP succeeded him and became Chief Minister. This time, he completed his term from July 24, 1999 until March 5, 2005.

two convictions

First conviction in 2013 in JBT teacher recruitment scam. He was sentenced to seven years in prison for corruption and 10 years for criminal conspiracy.

Besides Chautala, his eldest son Ajay and 53 others were convicted. A total of 55 people were convicted of illegally recruiting 3,206 teachers in Haryana in the year 2000. One of the notable figures indicted was Choutala political advisor at the time, Sher Singh Padchami, 82, who was then a Special Service Officer (OSD) Vidya Dar, IAS, then Director of Primary Education Sanjeev Kumar, along with 50 others. Last July 2, he was released from Al-Tihar prison after completing his sentence.

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