After PMC fails, Bavdhan residents use crowdfunding to install reflectors on dividers

Residents have taken matters into their own hands as the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) failed to install reflectors on the dividers on Lane 3 and 2 in Shinde Nagar, Pune.

Residents grew up People traveling through the night are affected by 5,000 crowdsourcing and the installation of reflectors.

According to residents, the PMC Road Department has repeatedly been reminded that the department is lacking funds and personnel to complete the work.

“The problem has been pending for the past four to four weeks and since it is difficult to find a divider without reflectors, we have decided to complete the task. When we contacted the PMC they said we have no resources and no budget. We have pursued the issue but have not received any response, ”said Dushyant Bhatia, a member of the Bavdhan Citizen Forum.

Reflectors will be installed shortly, said Priyanka Bante, a junior engineer at the PMC road division. In addition to the dividers in the lanes, we have also placed dividers at the accident site at Bawdhan.

Separators are placed in two patches – one near the Shinde petrol pump and the other in the Shinde city.

“Vehicles from Chandni Square are moving at high speed. Recently there was an accident in a vehicle. Disasters can be avoided if pre-reflectors are installed. The PMC built the separators just a month ago and has not been painted, ”Bhatia said.

CS Krishnan, another member of the forum, said there were no separators in the past and I had discussed the issue with the Hinjewadi traffic department. Since most vehicles need high speed dividers, after many follow-ups, the PMC first put plastic barricades and finally built cement dividers last month.

In February 2022, a 25-year-old girl died in an accident in the same area

“This is a fatal accident and this is because the infrastructure is missing from the road. Traffic management needs to be improved as pedestrians also encounter problems while walking on the roads,” Krishnan said.

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