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As children, most of us get jealous when our parents spend time with each other. And that’s exactly what happens in this one video that was shared on Instagram and has been going viral ever since. The video shows how a cute little girl gets jealous when her father knocks her mother a ring. Video equal parts are adorable and hilarious and are guaranteed to brighten up the rest of your day.

It opens to show how the little girl and her mother are sitting on the couch and looking at the girl’s father. He has a gift for his mother and he gives her a ring he understands. This makes the little girl feel a little jealous of this moment of rapport between her parents and apologizes to her mother before she runs away and weeps. Her mother initially finds it hilarious and then chases her to let her know what’s in store. After getting the cute ring for herself, she rejoices in the fact that there is a stone bigger than her mother’s ring in her ring!

The Instagram page that posted this adorable baby video has over 2.8 lakh followers, who are looking forward to updates in the form of photos and videos. The page is dedicated to this cute baby girl named Sarang and this page is called Hungry Sarang. This frantic little girl and her videos often go viral, putting smiles on people’s faces.

Watch the viral baby video here:

The video, shared on Instagram, has more than 13 million views so far and was posted four days ago. The video has prompted many to post comments on how cute this child’s response is.

“But she still said ‘I’m sorry’. She’s cute,” an Instagram user pointed out. “She’s so crazy, she’s so cute … this kind of father-daughter bond is beautiful,” reads another comment. “What K-drama is this video from? Haha you guys are so cute! A beautiful family, ”writes a third person.

What is your opinion on this viral video where a child is jealous of his mother?

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