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A video posted on Instagram showing the Labrador being treated like royalty is winning hearts online.

There are times when you stumble across heartwarming videos while scrolling through social media. And, such a thing will brighten your day. As this video was shared on Instagram. The video shows how different people treat their dogs and the video is winning hearts online. It can win you over too.

The video was shared by an Instagram page dedicated to a labrador named Magnus. “What kind of dog owner are you?” reads the caption of the video posted on Instagram. A compilation video of how different people treat their dogs. It opens to show how normal people treat their dogs and how the guy in the video treats his dog.

Watch the adorable video below:

After being shared 17 hours ago, the video has collected 2.6 lakh views. It has also garnered 25,900 likes. The clip also received comments from people and pages dedicated to dogs.

“Defo the second!” Commented on an Instagram page dedicated to a dog named Bruno. “I want to be Magnus,” expressed another Insta page dedicated to a golden retriever named Lady. “My mom wants to join,” shared a third Dago page on Instagram. “Love it,” one person wrote. “Wear a robe, so cute!” shared another with several emojis. “I’m a Labrador for life. Magnus deserves to be petted because he works so hard,” expressed a third.

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