Actor Salman Khan’s lawyer claims death threat from Lawrence Bishnoi gang

A lawyer representing actor Salman Khan in a poaching case here claimed that he received a death threat from Lawrence Bishnoi’s gang.

Police embarked on investigation to ascertain the authenticity of the threatening message addressed to Hasti Mal Saraswat, and deployed a policeman with him to protect him.

Lawrence Bishnoi, accused in the murder case of Punjab singer Seydu Musiwala, is currently in the custody of Punjab Police.

Earlier, the gangster had threatened to kill Salman Khan for poaching Black Buck, which is considered sacred by his community.

Sarsawat told police in his complaint that a threatening letter was found on July 3 in the doorknob of the Jubilee Room of the Supreme Court, which houses lawyers’ offices.

The complaint said the letter bore the initials of Lawrence Bishnoy and his assistant Goldie Prair.

She said the lawyer will meet the fate of Seidu Musiwala, adding that “the friend of the enemy is their number one enemy.”

The letter was found by Jitendra Prasad, Saraswat’s assistant, and immediately reported it to the lawyer. But since he (Saraswat) was outside India, he reported the matter to the Police Commissioner. Then, the FIR was submitted on Wednesday,” Mahamandir SHO Lekh Raj Sihag said.

“We are investigating the authenticity of the letter and have provided security for Sarsawat in light of the threat,” Sehag said.

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