Actor Anne Heche suffers ‘severe burns’ after her car crashes into a building: reports

Hollywood actress Anne Hechey, known for starring in films like Six Days, Seven Nights, and Donnie Brasco I Know What You Did Last Summer, had an accident. Her car crashed into a house in Los Angeles, where the car and building caught fire.

According to Fox News, Anne crashed her blue Mini Cooper at her Mar Vista, Los Angeles, home on Friday, starting a fire. She was taken to the hospital with severe burns on her body. According to an eyewitness, when the 53-year-old actress was taken on a stretcher she was “conscious and breathing.”

According to the Los Angeles Fire Department, it took 59 firefighters 65 minutes to put out the blaze caused by the collision between Ann’s car and her “heavily damaged” Mar Vista home.

Ann became a popular name in the entertainment industry after playing the double role in the TV series Another World. She won a 1991 Daytime Emmy Award for the show. Her relationship with talk show host Ellen DeGeneres also brought her into the spotlight in the 1990s.

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