A Patient Doctor: Sure of Bypoll Win, Tripura CM Manik Saha Tells News18, Says TMC No Threat

He recently became Chief Minister of Tripura, replacing the controversial Biplab Deb, and engages in the first real election battle of his life. Dr. Manek Saha is about to contest a round of the Bardwalli Council seat on June 23.

Amid his busy campaign schedule, the BJP leader and former Rajya Sabha member spoke to News18 in an exclusive interview. He was accustomed to facing new challenges, he was confident of achieving victories in this month’s by-election and next year’s General Assembly elections, and vowed to keep the promises he made to the people, he said Trinamool Congress has no base in Tripura. Edited excerpts:

How do you feel when you are running for the first time?

It’s a new feeling of course, and I’m going door to door making my way to every home. I have never had this experience, but in this circle, everyone knows me. My old friends come, they hug me. It’s a great feeling and I enjoy it. The people of Bardawali have known me since childhood. The party gave me the responsibility to build the organization. I’ve always been with people, and I’m sure people will vote for me. The people support me, Honorable Prime Minister, and our BJP party.

How does it feel to have such a responsibility before an exam? You are in the position after the Biplab Deb, and next year there will be elections.

Life is a challenge and it presents challenges. This is also a challenge for me and I will work hard. I am aware of my responsibility. When I was assigned the responsibility of the party chief, I never thought about it. When I became an MP, I never thought about it. I just took charge and it worked. I think I can, and the people in my party support me a lot.

Critics say the Biplab Deb didn’t deliver on its promises, wasn’t unpopular, and that’s why the change. How will you fulfill these promises?

He’s not very popular, he’s very popular, and he’s more popular than me. It happens in our party that the party decides who will do what. Now give me this role. Perhaps there is another important role for him. Maybe I’ll get some other fees. It’s like a train and the driver has been changed; It’s more like an airplane and the pilot has been changed. But the destination will be the same.

Critics say you promised jobs and didn’t give them. How will you answer people?

Look, I just took over. Let the elections be over and I promise you that all these problems will be resolved. My cabinet colleagues and I will solve all of this. Next time you talk to me, you will see that all the problems have been resolved.

What is the status of TMC in Tripura? They claim that you do not allow any opposition. You are resorting to violence. You stopped Abhishek Banerjee.

They shouldn’t say all this. They themselves have a lot of flaws and they point out to us. What is happening in Bengal? Actually in Tripura, they don’t have any base. They come here to create a situation like Bengal. Nobody believes them. With 6 per cent of the vote and through the media, they want to get all of this across to the whole of India. I think they will not be successful.

The last time, Abhishek Banerjee was attacked and banned from going to a rally. What will happen this time when he comes?

Anyone can come here. This is a democracy. I told my workers not to get into any fights. I have also told the administration that in a democracy everyone is allowed to practice anything democratic.

Will you have an alliance with Pradyot Manikya Deb Barman?

I can’t say anything about it now. The party will take a position on this before the elections.

How do you evaluate Congress and the left?

The left is our main opposition. Congress will have our opposition on one seat in these polls, but they are not strong. I don’t take TMC seriously because they don’t have anything and people don’t believe them at all.

Will there be random rounds free of violence? Last time, there was violence in municipal opinion polls.

We have instructed the workers of our party not to get involved in any fight. The administration also gave instructions. I am sure it will be peaceful.

The TMC’s claim is that their meeting was attacked on Monday night…

We handle every issue so that there is no violence.

Why will people vote for you again?

From 2018 to the most recent local polls, we’ve done business all over the place. That’s why I’m sure people will vote for us. The first time or many times I had surgeries, it was a challenge. This is also a challenge and I know we can do it.

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