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Over the past two years, many people have adopted pets because they yearn for companionship and have had extra time to look after them. Now, after the epidemic, the journey of revenge is taking off. People want to do more with easing restrictions and their vaccination cards. But because they’ve grown to love their pets as a family, they don’t want to leave them when they travel the world. This has caused many pet parents to take shorter trips to nearby places or to search for pet-friendly accommodations.

EaseMyTrip says inquiries into pet travel have increased significantly. “Before the epidemic, the queries we received were between 2-3%. Now it’s up to 16%, ”says a spokesperson for the online travel portal.

Ritu Mehrotra, APAC Commercial Director at Booking.com, says, “We have seen demand for pet-friendly accommodations among Indian travelers. To meet this demand and make it easier for pet parents to plan their travels, Booking.com has introduced a ‘Pet Friendly’ filter that allows pets to easily view and select reception accommodations. These include hotels, villas, apartments, guesthouses and more. Using the ‘Pets Allowed’ filter on the Booking.com website or mobile app, people can easily search for pet-friendly properties and find a better stay for themselves and their furry friends.

According to the pet transport company, Carry My Pet, the Kovid-19 restrictions have increased by 15% to 30% in domestic and international pet travel since the ease. The company has helped more than 500 families travel with their pets over the past six months. Amir Islam, co-founder of Carry My Pet, says, “People use all three modes of transportation for domestic pets. It is very convenient for pet travel by plane. We have concluded that some pets travel by train. Road travel is used for short distances and places where there is no contact by air.

Indian Railways is also convenient for pets. But follow the guidelines, including traveling only in a first-class AC or two-seater coupe in a four-seater cabin. You should write a letter to the chief commercial officer stating the reason for traveling with your pet. You will also need to carry your pet’s food, water, collars and leashes. Depending on the size of the pet, From the 10th According to Indian Railways, travel can be charged up to 50 fare.

Road travel by private vehicles is also feasible for short distances. You can rent a car and let the driver and company know that you are accompanying your pets so they can schedule frequent stops during the trip. Nandini Yadav, who traveled by car with her cat from Goa to Delhi, says: “During a road trip back home, she had access to her litter box and I knew where it was kept. I picked up lunch, water and snacks for her. Mostly, I let her get around and have fun in the car.

Nandini Yadav traveled from Delhi to Goa to adopt her cat Kaiko. On the three-day drive home, the two developed a rapport and told and trusted each other. “When my pets are with me, I can really focus on the trip. Otherwise how they’re doing. If they miss me, I worry too much and I go through a lot and lots of crime,” he says.

Deepika Pathar and Joel Pinto have traveled with their dog Alfie to various places in and around Maharashtra. He says, “I think our pets need more vacation than we do. They are always at home when we go out. When we are planning our holidays, we always try and keep her in mind to make sure she has more fun.

Ria Roque has two fur babies – Lemon and Ginger and encourages all Paw parents to travel with their pets whenever they can. She says, “Traveling with them gives you immense joy and happiness. One of my best memories when traveling with my kids is to watch them run and enjoy the beach when they first see them. He was always the center of attention wherever we went.

When planning a vacation with your furry friends, it’s important to keep in mind the weather of the place. Amir Islam, co-founder of CarryMet, says dogs are particularly susceptible to hot weather and some breeds tolerate less heat than others. Adding, “Make sure your pets get a comfortable crate that has room to hang around. Prepare the crate with the necessary amenities like food, water, absorbent sheets and bedding.”

With the rise of traveling dogs and moving cats, the demand for pet-friendly hotels and lodges has also increased. From complimentary treats and specialty beds in rooms to open spaces and curated menus, hotels offer no sliding stones and snoops of approval to ensure all animals leave with tail shakes.

Says Harkaran Singh, General Manager of Hyatt Regency Dehradun, “So far, we have only received requests for cats and dogs but hotels allow pets according to government regulations. Apart from a separate bed and food bowl, we also provide treats and complimentary toys to them during check-in. The hotel also has a specially curated menu for them.

Ashna Khurana, Creative Director of Karma Lakelands, said, “We offer many indoor and outdoor activities where guests and their pets can participate. They are free to walk around the garden, enjoy a meal and partake in our open-air alfresco dinner.”

Always research the hotel thoroughly and explain Islam before booking your stay. In addition to being a pet-friendly place, inquire about the needs of your pet with services such as food, saloons, open areas for walking, etc.

When traveling by plane, it is mandatory to carry pet vaccination records. Pets should be transported in soft and air carriers. If they weigh more than 5kg, they cannot travel in the cabin but are transported in cargo. Domestic air travel with pets can cost anywhere in between 20,000-60,000.

According to a report released by Hilton Hotels, the growth in hotel dog parks, pup perks and more has resulted in increased demand for pet-friendly properties. One such example is Bengaluru’s Lalit Ashok who recently adopted St Bernard of Bernie and appointed him as chief pleasure officer to welcome more pets. “During their stay, guests have the option to walk, feed, or simply hang out with Bernie, or they can raise him for the night. He is one of the most important aspects of our brunch that welcomes pets,” says general manager Sudhashnu Singh.

Experts speak

Dr Vinod Sharma, head of veterinary services at DCC Animal Hospital, advises foster parents to take their fur babies time and preparation before taking a long vacation. He says, “Start by traveling on short trips. Once they get used to riding the car and being in unknown surroundings, then go on long trips together.

It is also important to make proper health checks for pets and carry their vaccination records. “If your pets have anxiety while traveling, it is important to take their anti-anxiety pills after consulting with their doctor. When traveling, it is important that you park frequently after every one to 1.5 hours and let them move around, ”says Sharma.

10 things to carry when traveling with pets

All important documents and documents with the approval of the veterinarian

A comfortable pet crate with plenty of room for your pets to move around

Food and treats

Chew toys

Pet water sipper

Food and water bowls

Major drugs

Pet leash

Pet collar has owner’s details written on it

Warm clothes, when applied

Inputs by Amir Islam, co-founder of Carry My Pet

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