90-year-old Man on Wheelchair Goes Bowling for the First Time With Granddaughter

After an injury that deprived him of his ability to walk, a 90-year-old man went bowling for the first time in his life. The fun moment was captured in a video that is now making the rounds on the internet and making people amazed. The clip was shared by his unborn granddaughter who accompanied him to the bowling alley and helped him check the box that had long been empty. “We were able to take a bowling alley for the first time at 90 years old!” Dr. Derya wrote the granddaughter.

In the video uploaded to Instagram, Apolito, which translates to Grandfather in English, is seen in a wheelchair at a bowling alley. Grandpa holds a bowling ball and his granddaughter helps him first before rolling it. However, in the next scene, the elderly man is seen shooting the pins on his own while still sitting in a wheelchair.

Once you get the technique, Grandpa starts shooting better and knocks all the pins like a pro.

The granddaughter shared that Abu Lilito had a spinal cord injury in his twenties. Lacking proper guidance and treatment, he was unable to make a proper recovery which left him confined to a wheelchair. However, he has “persisted and created a career for himself.”

Interestingly, the man’s granddaughter is now a physiotherapist and treats patients with spinal injuries. She highlighted that watching her grandfather struggle growing up made a huge impact on her. In the video, she wrote: “I’m so proud of him.”

She added that her grandfather was initially reluctant to go out to bowl but she managed to convince him. “I’m a very persuasive granddaughter and PT,” she added.

Watching the elderly overcome his disability, many viewers of the video were interested. “So proud of both of you,” wrote one user. Another user praised the woman for standing by her grandfather and wrote, “Ma’am, you are a true angel on earth! Thanks for all you’re doing!”

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