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We do certain things to survive and experience certain happiness and satisfaction. There is no shortcut to happiness and sometimes a combination of positive habits we adopt, accepting ourselves and others around us, setting goals and taking care of our physical and mental health can make a person truly happy. On the other hand, investing your time in things to distract you from life’s challenges, even if you don’t really enjoy them, will make you miserable. Over-watching, mindless eating, going on a buying spree when you don’t really need things, can make one unhappy in the long run. So what are the things that really make people happy? We asked psychologists. (Also Read: Stop Spreading Toxic Positivity And Save Our Relationships)

“We are all searching for the key to happiness in some way. Usually we spend our whole lives searching for things that bring us happiness. And what brings happiness to one person may be very different from what brings happiness to another, there are some basic things that we all need to be truly happy,” says Arauba Kabir, Mental Health Consultant and Founder of Enso Wellness. says

1. Accepting Yourself: To enjoy and enjoy the moments and things around him, a person must be happy from within. That means accepting yourself, accepting yourself and embracing yourself.

2. Being in the company of loved ones: Having someone you can rely on, someone you can share your highs and lows with is a beautiful feeling. Be it family, friends or your pet – their company is sure to bring joy.

3. Joy of Giving: True happiness is experienced when one shares. A kind gesture, regardless of the magnitude, can brighten your day and the other person’s day.

4. Having something to look forward to: It is important to have a goal in life. Setting goals, working towards them and achieving them gives a great sense of accomplishment and makes you happy.

5. Being fit: Taking control of your mental and physical health can do wonders for your emotions. Engaging in physical activities releases serotonin – the happy hormone that helps you feel uplifted. Likewise, doing things for your mental health, such as meditation, can also bring calmness and help you feel happy and refreshed.

Apart from these, one should take time every day to introspect on what one sincerely wants. Getting to know yourself and connecting with your inner self can increase your level of happiness.

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