5 Questions: Onus on govt to ensure smooth functioning of House, says Cong’s Gohil

We want to discuss about price hikes and GST rates. We don’t say have a discussion right away, but take our notifications and set a day for the discussion. But the government is running away.

But there are many notifications. Some members of the opposition want to discuss Agnipath as well.

Price hikes and GST hikes (problems) are common. The opposition is all united in calling for a debate under Rule 267.

How long is the opposition planning to continue the protests?

When the BJP was in opposition, the late Arun Jaitley and their other leaders used to say that it was the government’s responsibility to ensure the proper functioning of the House of Representatives. So the burden is on the government.

Congress has put several issues for discussion. Want to discuss everything?

These are the issues we have prioritized. We are not required to discuss these matters under Article 267. We have many other opportunities and means for these matters. But the issue of rising prices is important.

Some opposition parties, such as the Transitional Military Council, were missing when Margaret Alva submitted her papers. Are there cracks?

I don’t know about it. All parties were there to protest the statue of Gandhi. They also protested at home. We are united.

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