2 Indo-Canadians get key portfolios in new Cabinet of Ontario province | World News

Toronto: When the Conservative Party of Ontario Premier Doug Ford was first ordered to lead Canada’s most populous province, he did not have an Indo-Canadian minister, although he later rectified the error. Starting a second term as Premier, Ford appointed two Indo-Canadians to significant portfolios.

When he was appointed assistant minister of small businesses and red tape reduction a year later, Prabhimit Sarkaria was again given the position he held last year as chairman of the Treasury Board. But they now have “an extended order for procurement, including emergency management and supply Ontario,” according to a Friday release from the Ontario headquarters, a new cabinet was announced.

Sarkaria, who represents the Brampton South ride (known in Canada as Fields), tweeted, “I’m really honored and grateful to have been selected for this important role.”

There is also Parm Gill, who is the Minister of Red Tape Reduction. He has been a minister of citizenship and multiculturalism since he was appointed in 2021. Gill, who represents Milton, was previously in national politics as a Conservative Party MP in the House of Commons representing Brampton – Springdale between 2011 and 2015. As an MP, he was appointed Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Veteran Affairs and later to the Minister of International Trade.

An Indo-Canadian does not appear in the Cabinet this time but is expected to assume the top post. Nina Tangri has been assistant minister of small business and red tape reduction since joining the ministry last year, but she has not appeared on the list. However, she is expected to become the next Speaker of the Ontario Provincial Parliament, making her the first woman to hold that position in the Legislature.

Tangri was re-elected from Mississauga – Streetsville.

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