163 CCTVs, salon shop, flight to Nepal: How Delhi police caught Metro molestation accused

A month later, he was a 21-year-old law student Harassment at Gor Bagh metro station By a man who allegedly followed and exposed himself to her, the accused was arrested by the Delhi Police and taken into custody on charges of sexual harassment and stalking. Police said the accused, Manav Agarwal, 40, a resident of DLF Phase 1 in Gurgaon, fled to Nepal after the incident and was evading arrest.

Delhi Police on Wednesday said it had checked CCTV cameras from 163 metro stations to identify and track the suspects. Several raids were conducted in the month-long operation to focus on the accused.

On June 2, the woman, who is also a resident of Gurgaon, was traveling from Gurgaon to Delhi on the metro when the accused approached her on the pretext of inquiring about an address. I helped him and later got off at Gur Bagh metro station. Then the accused followed her, and while she was sitting on the platform waiting for her car, he approached her again and asked her to check the address.

“He showed her a file and asked her for help with the address. While she was trying to see the file, he revealed his private organs… The woman immediately fled the scene and called the security personnel. I later posted about the entire episode on Twitter,” one of the officers said.

The woman claimed that the security men at the metro station did not help her and that one of them “blamed” her for not “creating a scene” at the time. A case was eventually brought under sections of sexual harassment, stalking, and outrage at women’s modesty.

Jitendra Mani, DCP (Metro) said, “The electronic monitoring systems of trains and metro stations were checked in order to identify and track the accused. Multiple teams were placed on the ground to investigate the case. Surveillance cameras were collected from all exit points of metro stations on the yellow line” .

The teams scanned CCTV cameras from 163 stations and found that the accused had disembarked in Sikandarpur. Teams were dispatched to conduct an investigation and questioned shopkeepers and rickshaw drivers in the area.

We’ve collected more footage from the area and found that the man went to a salon after the accident to get his hair cut. We spoke to the store owner who told us that the accused paid using Paytm. We retrieved Customer Order Form (CAF) and Call Detail Records (CDR) from phone number and Paytm account. Aggarwal was identified and his picture was with us. Then we conducted raids using the photo and found his house on June 4,” said DCP Mani.

The house was closed and residents informed the police that Agrawal had left his house a day after the incident. Further investigation revealed that he boarded an Indigo plane bound for Nepal.

From there, he tried to obtain a pre-emptive bond, which was rejected by the court. The man returned and was arrested outside Saket Court on Wednesday,” said DCP Mani.

According to the police, Aggarwal lives with his older brother who owns the house. Police said he is unemployed, unmarried and living on his family’s rent income.

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