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Sixteen Shiv Sena lawmakers who allied with rebel leader Eknath Shinde – in an attempt to force the Congress and the Nationalist Congress to cut back on the party and reconnect with the BJP – were issued a disqualification notice on Saturday by the vice chairman. Of the Maharashtra Assembly. It is suggested to answer by 5.30pm on Monday. Shinde is named in the list of 16.

If disqualified, Eknath Shinde will lose his legislative seat and it will inevitably fail his rebellion.

Shinde responded on Friday to the Shiv Sena’s action, challenging the implementation of Vice President Narahari Zirwal.

Two independent MLAs – Mahesh Baldy and Vinod Agarwal – are close to the Bharatiya Janata Party – who filed a notice reminding them that the no-confidence motion is still pending and that they have no powers.

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His notice was dismissed early today.

The Shiv Sena filed an early notice late Thursday against 12 rebel MLAs, including Shinde, and added four names again on Friday.

The quarrel between Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray and the rebels intensified on Saturday morning when Sanjay Raut issued a couple of tweets.

First he quotes Rudyard Kipling’s quote ‘Beware of excessive concern for money, or position or fame’. Later in the day he warned rebel lawmakers that unless they returned; ‘… Soldiers have not come to the streets yet … if they do, the streets will burn down,’ he said shortly before the office of the rebels was razed.

Meanwhile, Shinde’s broadside on Saturday began with a letter to Uddhav Thackeray and his home minister, Dilip Walse-Patil, accusing the security of being assigned to their homes in Mumbai as ‘maliciously withdrawn’.

Walse-Patil responded swiftly: “Neither the chief minister nor the home department has ordered the withdrawal of any legislator’s security.

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The two camps also clashed after Shinde’s side said they had decided to call themselves’ Shiv Sena (Balasaheb); Throughout this rebellion, Shinde has insisted that he remains a ‘true follower’ of the late party founder.

“Our group will be called Shiv Sena (Balasaheb). We will not merge with any party,” said Deepak Kesarkar of Shiv Sena, one of the rebels.

Again Uddhav Thackeray’s reply came: “I will not interfere in their (insurgent) affairs … but no one should use the name of Balasaheb Thackeray.”

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