15-acre land, a cancelled lease, and upset Brahmins pit BJP MP against CM

The cancellation of the lease of 15 acres of land in Rohtak Bhorwar village, which was originally granted to the Brahmin authority, has not only upset a section of the community but has also incited BJP MP Arvind Sharma against Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar in Haryana.

Sharma has requested the intervention of Prime Minister Narendra Modi for an investigation into the alleged delay in restoring the land lease to the Brahmin community who wants to build a temple, school, college and hospital there.

The giving of the land to the community was supposed to be completed in just two hours but it was postponed. It must be investigated. The Prime Minister’s Office can investigate this matter. “This investigation should be done with the intervention of the Prime Minister,” Sharma said.

Rohtak BB Batra’s MLA Congress also raised the issue on Friday.

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For their part, the authorities said that the lease of the land was canceled after Gaur Brahman Vidya Pracharini Sabha failed to fulfill the terms. They claimed that attempts were underway to give “unnecessary political color” to the issue even as the government was sympathetically considering a request to restore the land lease. According to Rohtak Municipal Corporation, Sabha now wants to deposit Rs 11.40 lakh in nine installments (2014-22) and will be called by the concerned department soon.

The case began in 2009, when the then-panchayats proposed to the Brahmin-dominated Bhor village of donating the land to the community for welfare activities. The state government gave the land to Sebha on a lease of 33 years. According to officials, Sebha did not begin construction work on the land for the next two years. The Rohtec Municipal Corporation issued repeated letters to Sebha while asking about the reasons for delays in construction work as well as issuing warnings for action.

In 2014, Sabha offered to deposit 1.25 thousand rupees as rent payment but the civil authority returned the money saying that construction work did not start on time. The municipal authority also issued a notification to Sebha.

According to officials, Sabha has also not deposited development fees with Haryana Urban Development Authority.

A civil body spokesperson said, “The term of the Ghor Brahman Vidya Pracharini Sabha expired on February 6, 2011 and the lease of the land was automatically rescinded.”

On April 23 of this year, Naveen Gehind, the former head of the state unit in the Adami Public Party, brought in an excavator to remove the municipal board of directors located on the site and claim the land for the community. The members of the Brahmin community move from one pillar to another but the government has not handed over the land to them. Now, Rs 8 crore (as development fee) is being demanded of them. “We are not going to give a penny to the government,” Gehind said.

Jaihind also invited the Panchayats of the Brahmins in Pahrawar asking 1,000 members of the community to bring a brick and an ax to the program on May 22.

According to a senior BJP leader from the Brahmin community, this was probably the first time the community had participated in a show of strength to the audience during an ax display, or a knight, a symbol of the “Brahmin icon” Parshuram (the sixth incarnation of the Hindu deity Vishnu).

Also participating in the event were BJP MP Sharma, Congress MLA Kuldeep Vats, JJP MLA Ramkumar Gautam and Independent MLA Balraj Kundu. In the panchayats, Sharma, the four-time parliamentarian who defeated Dipinder Singh Hooda in Rohtak in the 2019 assembly elections, insisted that Haryana needs a chief minister from the Brahmin community while describing Khattar as a vice president who “does nothing by applying his mind”. Sharma, who was aspiring for the CM position, also accused Khattar of not taking immediate action in restoring the land lease to the community in Bhawar village. He claimed: “(Former Minister of State and a close aide to Khattar) Manish Grover told him (CM) ‘The letter should not be issued now’.”

Grover, for his part, held a press conference in Rohtech recently but avoided commenting on Sharma’s comments against him and the prime minister. “He[Arvind]has to explain what kind of certificate he wants to give,” Grover said.

Asked if this indicated collectivization in the party, Grover said: “I have already completed 50 years in politics. I only work for the Lotus (the BJP poll symbol) and will continue to work for it until the end.”

The BJP leader said: “This is the case of 2009 but in the past 13 years no one has claimed this land. This request was raised spontaneously. However, the Chief Minister said he will give the land to the Gur Sabha after correcting the deficiencies. We will give the land For a 100 percent Brahmin community. We (Grover, Sharma) met CM. (Sharma) was also satisfied after meeting the Cabinet. Those who want to practice politics can do the same. Our job is to serve the people.”

Targeting Khattar, Sharma said on Thursday that when conducting an investigation, “I will reveal how an officer, who was supposed to give this land, told me that ‘the prime minister said the land would be given but not now’.”

Sharma also said that the Brahmin community will organize a rally in August-September. “We will continue to show our strength.”

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