12 US lawmakers urge Biden to hold India accountable in WTO for its ‘trade-distorting practices’

Dozens of US lawmakers wrote a letter to President Joe Biden, urging him to submit a formal request for consultations with India at the World Trade Organization (WTO) over its “dangerous trade-distorting practices” that they claim have affected American farmers and ranchers.

Members of Congress stated that current WTO rules allow governments to subsidize up to 10 percent of the value of goods production. But they said the Indian government continues to subsidize more than half the production value of many commodities, including rice and wheat.

India’s “lack of following the rules” and “non-enforcement” of the Biden administration has reshaped channels of global agricultural production and trade by cutting prices, reducing production of rice and wheat commodities, and putting US producers at a disproportionate position, alleged members of Congress said in the letter.

“India’s practices seriously distort trade on a global scale and affect American farmers and ranchers,” the letter read. The message was taken by Congressmen Tracy Mann and Rick Crawford.

“We urge the administration to submit a formal request for consultations with India at the World Trade Organization and to continue to monitor domestic support programs for other WTO members that undermine fair trade practices,” they said.

The United States must not give up in order to reach consensus. Instead, America should promote solutions that alleviate global supply chain and food shortages. The legislators demanded that measures be taken to address those consumers who are most affected by inflation and rising food prices.

“It is up to American agriculture to contribute to building resilient food security conditions for the United States and around the world,” they said.

India has defended its position in the World Trade Organization. Many countries and organizations around the world have commended India for taking a firm stand in protecting the interests of its farmers.

The Geneva-based World Trade Organization is an intergovernmental organization that regulates and facilitates international trade. Organizations are used by governments to create, review and enforce the rules that govern international trade.

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